[Guide] How to Choose the Perfect Racquet String

We invite you to use this guide to familiarize yourself with the strings that we offer. Since we use the same string manufacturer as other name brands, you may already be playing with the same type of string that we carry. For specific comparisons, visit our Brand Name Comparison page to find our equivalent string. For further assistance, please us at 1-847-742-1300 or e-mail at topseed@klipperusa.com.

Most Popular Co-Polys

We have the hottest types of strings being used on the professional tour! Find out how these co-poly strings increase your spin, power and control, all with the benefit of longer string life.

Start with our Power-Burst. If you use Luxilon Big Banger, you already know why this is one of the most popular strings on the ATP and WTA tours. Great durability and impressive power. Take full cuts at the ball without any loss of control. Check out our great low price!

Soft Co-Poly is the newest generation of polyester strings. It is the most comfortable co-poly ever produced that maintains its consistency of comfort, response, playability and tension maintenance over a longer period of time. Softer co-poly construction allows you to attack with confidence and better execute your topspin shots.

Power-Burst Rough takes the most popular string and adds texture to further enhance spin production. High power, explosive spin, phenomenal control and increased comfort gave this string the highest rating ever by our play testers!

Topspin players will immediately benefit from Spin Max. The unique 5-sided outer shape of this co-poly string along with its special polymer coating provides maximum spin and control. Definitely the choice for big hitters seeking maximum control and spin. Players who use Babolat RPM Blast or Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Spin already know the advantages this type of string provides. Check out our great low price!

Find out why Hybrid stringing has become the rage. Combining a durable main string with a top performing cross string gives the best of both worlds. Try Ultimate Hybrid which utilizes Power-Burst mains for durability and control with Zyex crosses for added power, feel and response. Is durability an issue? Rough Hybrid adds spin, control with the benefit of longer string life to your power hitting game. We combine the durability of regular Power-Burst mains and the spin-friendly, powerful performance of the textured Power-Burst Rough as the cross.

Top Performing

Our best overall performing string is Zyex. With playing characteristics similar to natural gut, this string offers power, control and feel second to none. The Zyex material gives added strength giving longer string life than natural gut. Choose this string to improve all aspects of your game. Players who use Wilson NXT DuraMax will appreciate the performance this string provides.

Our multifilament strings, Sterling 17 and Pearl-Zone are soft and very playable. The soft string bed of these strings pockets the ball to provide increased power, touch and shock absorption. Multifilament construction provides a very comfortable feel. If you are not a frequent string breaker, try these to increase your response and playability. Similar strings would be Technifibre, Wilson NXT, Prince Premier or Wilson Sensation.

Next in line for playability is our Titanium Elite. Amazing power and a softer feel, the titanium additives increase string life without compromising playability.

Enhanced Spin

As mentioned above, all of our co-poly strings are very spin friendly, enhancing spin through their construction and coatings. Two of our co-polys, Spin Max and Power-Burst Rough especially stand out as the top performing spin strings.

Tech Spin is our textured synthetic gut for added bite. If you want a softer feel that produces more spin, this string, like its counterpart Prince Topspin, is the string to use.

Best All Around

We carry the most popular type of string ever used, Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre. Not only has it been our most popular, this type of synthetic gut has been the best selling worldwide year after year. Competitively priced and available in various gauges and colors, this is the best value in our string line. If you currently play Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex, this is the string for you. For a slightly softer feel, try Synthetic Gut Original. Just like Prince Synthetic Gut Original, slightly more responsive but not quite as durable.

Dura and Graphite strings are in a class by themselves. Both provide amazing power and spin. The string “cups" the ball upon impact while the textured surface helps bite into the ball. Both play exactly the same but the Graphite construction increases durability. Those of you who have played the game for a while will remember the similar playing Leonia 66 string which for many years was the world's best selling.

Want bright colors? How about a low price, good playing, long lasting synthetic gut? Check out our Neon Syn. Gut strings.


For string breakers, consider our co-polys. Power-Burst provides the ultimate in durability along with a firm string bed for power and control. Holds tension longer than other strings and does not move, staying straight even under heavy topspin play. Use it for both the mains and crosses for maximum durability. (Big Banger users will appreciate our low price.)

For durability at a very low price, you can't beat the original Super-Poly. Try this polyester as the main in your hybrid stringing, matched with Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre crosses. Exceptional durability and control for heavy hitters.

Chronic string breakers looking for maximum life should try Blend or the thinner version, Blend Lite. Both are hybrid strings that include Kevlar mains and Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre crosses. No other string lasts longer than Blend. Many of you may remember the equivalent string Prince Pro Blend that was legendary for long string life. Kevlar string is sold separately so you can experiment with your own hybrid combination. Need the durability that Kevlar provides but don't want the harsh feel? Soft Kevlar is the perfect solution as a hybrid main string, strong but with a softer feel.

If you like the feel of a synthetic gut but need longer life, try Decathlon, also known as Prince Endurance or Gamma Marathon. This is a great choice if you cannot tolerate the extra firm feel of polyester or Kevlar.


If you're looking for the lowest price string, our Tournament Nylon and Klipper Nylon provide excellent durability. Sold also in large bulk reels, these are perfect for schools and recreational programs or for anyone who needs a low cost alternative for stringing.


Our number one choice for racquetball is Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre. Many players will recognize this string as Ektelon Synthetic Gut Duraflex, the most popular string being played. Racquetball Supreme has the same construction, but incorporates a special coating to hold on to the smooth surface of a racquetball. Titanium Elite is also a popular choice for players who want extra power and are not concerned with slightly less durability. For string breakers, try Tournament Nylon, a thicker string that lasts longer and costs less. Super-Poly also provides durability and is gaining popularity in racquetball.


The most popular string for squash is the Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre 17 or 18 gauge, the equivalent string to Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex. Very similar to Technifibre strings, our Sterling 17 gauge along with Titanium Elite 17 gauge, are soft strings with a lot of power. These two strings are perfect for players not overly concerned with durability.


For excellent playability, try our Badminton Synthetic Gut. Players will recognize this string as the Yonex BG-65, the most popular string being used today. Check out our low price! For string breakers and recreational players, try Badminton Nylon, a low cost, durable string.