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Ultimate Hybrid Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Silver/Pearl
Gauge: 16L/17 1.25/1.25mm
Resiliency: R-7.5
Durability: D-7.5
Set Length: 22'/20' 6.7m/6.1m

General Info:
Our #1 selling string! Ultimate Hybrid utilizes two different types of string to improve durability and performance. Join the pros and hybrid your racquet to experience added power and control along with a softer more forgiving feel. Please note for added cost savings, we offer this string in a 10-pack since it is not available on a reel.

As an alternative to stringing the entire racquet with Power-Burst, this hybrid reduces the stiffness of the string bed without sacrificing power. The Power-Burst main string allows a player to take full strokes at the ball without loss of control. The Zyex cross string increases feel, response, and spin action.

Player Type:
Competitive, hard-hitting topspin player who needs performance and durability.


  • Main String: Heat-treated premium polyester and co-polymer monofilament.
  • Cross String: A core of Zyex filaments with two layers of composite outer wraps.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Wilson Control Duo

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
J Sobkowiak
Great service

Very good choice for hybrid strings. Quick order and delivery

Jeffrey Wong
A fun stringset

I put the Ultimate Hybrid on a Bablolat Boost S (one of their budget $99 rackets) at 55#Mains/53#Crosses. Oddly, I had 7' of string after each part, making me think I actually got 24' and 22'. Nice to have that extra length if you're stringing a 125 sq in racquet.
Anyway, the racquet plays nicely, with good power and good spin. Groundstrokes, volleys and serves all good with this string.

Don Roberts
Great products & great service

I’ve been using these hybrid strings for several seasons now, they provide a good balance of power and control and they are pretty durable, too. Crosses wear a bit faster than the mains, no surprise. My strings arrived really fast, maybe 2-3 days out from my order date. I use a Klipper drop weight stringer, too, and am really happy with the stringer, the strings and the service/support they provide.

Kenneth Green
Best strings

Great product and service!

Irwin Horowitz

Ultimate Hybrid Racquet String