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Ultimate Hybrid Racquet String

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Color: Silver/Pearl
Gauge: 16L/17 1.25/1.25mm
Resiliency: R-7.5
Durability: D-7.5
Set Length: 22'/20' 6.7m/6.1m
General Info:
The hottest type of string on the professional tour. This hybrid utilizes two different types of string to improve durability and performance. Join the pros and hybrid your racquet to experience added power and control along with a softer more forgiving feel. Please note that we offer this string in a 10-pack since it is not available on a reel.

  • Main String: Heat-treated premium polyester and co-polymer monofilament.
  • Cross String: A core of Zyex filaments with two layers of composite outer wraps.

As an alternative to stringing the entire racquet with Power-Burst, this hybrid reduces the stiffness of the string bed without sacrificing power. The Power-Burst main string allows a player to take full strokes at the ball without loss of control. The Zyex cross string increases feel, response, and spin action.
Player Type:
Competitive, hard-hitting topspin player who needs performance and durability.
Brand Name Comparison:

  • Wilson Control Duo

Customer Reviews

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Tennis string

Thank you for the accurate and prompt delivery.

Good set of hybrid string

I have been using this set of string for several years now. It has a good price point. I replace the string after 25-30 hrs of play. I start to feel stressed at the elbow if I don't replace the string.

Hybrid strings

I’ve compared Klipper’s Hybrid strings w several other companies which are usually more expensive and I still consider Klipper’s my favorite (especially bc of the price). Even if they were the same in cost, they are my favorite.