How to String a Tennis Racquet

Since most of our customers have never strung a racquet before purchasing the Klippermate, we have made the learning process as easy as possible. Everything you'll need is included, and the 24-page Owner's Manual takes you through the stringing process with photographs and written instructions for each step. In addition, we offer free technical support for as long as you own the machine. The stringing procedure is very simple and only requires a few steps to learn. The first racquet usually takes between 1-2 hours for completion because the process is brand new. However, by the end of the first racquet, the process becomes easier and most players fall into a 30-45 minute time frame after only a few strung racquets.

Watch our video below to hear about the Klippermate and to see a racquet strung in real time. While this video is not intended to take the place of the Owner’s Manual, new stringers will find it helpful to use it in conjunction with the manual if they are unsure about a particular part of the stringing process. You always have the option to call us at 1-847-742-1300 or email us at to ask questions relating to the machine, the stringing process, or recommendations on our product line.