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Save money every time you break a string by stringing your own racquets.

The Klippermate® is America's best selling racquet stringing machine backed by a lifetime guarantee and the only one made in the USA. For over 50 years we have been a supplier of name brand quality strings and grips, used & recommended by racquet sports professionals worldwide. Buy yours today!

How to String a Racquet

It's easier than you think to re-string a tennis, racquetball, squash, or badminton racquet and can be done in as little as 30 minutes. 

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Racquet Stringer FAQs

We tackle all of your questions in our FAQs. Learn what to look for in a racquet stringer and all about our Klippermate.

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TENNIS Magazine Review

"The perfect machine for beginners, the Klippermate has great customer service and does a fine string job. Now that's value."

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Used by more players than any other stringing machine.

Just wanted to send a note complimenting you on a great product in the Klippermate. My in-laws gave me a Klippermate at my request about 8 or 9 years ago. Since teaching myself from your instructions, I have strung countless frames over the years. I find the stringer easy to use and quite accurate. I consider the quality much superior to teenagers using expensive machines in the large sporting goods stores. Once again, congrats on a great product!

J. G. | New York, NY

Hi there, I brought a stringer from you about 6 months ago. Wanted to send you a follow up note. I strung all through high-school on big air-pressure machines. I've found the Klippermate to be very easy to use and very accurate. Wanted to thank you for both the great customer service on my phone order and the nice machine.

E. S. | Redondo Beach, CA

Just wanted to send you all at Klipper USA a note of gratitude for your great service and products over the years. My parents bought me a Klippermate stringer as a junior player when I was just starting to play competitively. Not only was it a great gift for a kid popping strings all the time, but it has served me reliably into my adult years (the very same stringer). It's truly one of the best gifts I've ever recevied and it has paid for itself a hundred times over, I'm sure. Furthermore, anytime I have ever had support questions regarding the actual stringing itself (mostly as a brash teenager) my questions and requests were taken with respect and patience. It was encouraging to a young player/stringer. Thanks for offering such a quality product and great service to go with it over the years.

L. T. | Chicago, IL

About two to three years ago I bought a stringer from your company and I have been buying string from you ever since. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your products and the prices for them. I have been recommending your company to all my friends that play tennis with me and from what I hear they love your products just as well. I just wanted to tell you how great your product is. Thank you very much.

J. H. | Omaha, NE

I strung my first racquet yesterday with my Klipper machine and felt so happy that I wanted to thank you all for making such an easy to follow and affordable machine. The process seemed intimidating at first but once I got a hang of it, it was a breeze!!! It feels so satisfying, as a player, to string my own racquet knowing that the machine pays for itself in just 7-8 uses - all without making a trip to the local sports store and waiting 2-3 days for them to do the same job. Keep up the great work for making a great product! I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

P. P. | Woodbridge, NJ

Per the strong suggestion of a good friend, I recently purchased a new Klippermate machine and carrying case. I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with this purchase! For the past few years, I have deliberated about the brand/type of stringer that I should purchase because the tabletop stringers seemed so fragile and inconsistent. I am SO GLAD that I learned about the advantages of the Klippermate. This machine surely outshines its comparably priced competitors! Again, my thanks to you for developing a fine product, and your honesty in selling to those unfamiliar with the stringing machine business (everyone doesn't need a $600 stringer!). Whenever possible, I will refer potential clients in your direction.

G. A. | Atlanta, GA

Let me tell you guys, I was a skeptic at first, but now I am a believer. Klippermate does a good job of stringing rackets and basically works exactly as good as advertised. I had never strung a racquet before buying the product and now I am just starting to have fun experimenting with different strings. This is making tennis more fun for me! Thanks a lot.

C.T. | Los Angeles, CA

I've been very pleased with my Klipper Stringer & have recommended it to many members at my tennis club. With such prompt customer service & great products, I will definitely continue to do so! Thanks again for all your help during this busy holiday season.

J.W. | Hot Springs, AR

I bought your Klippermate and carrying case 2 weeks ago for my daughter on the ITF junior tour. We want you to know how excited she is to have her own stringer on the tour so that all of her strings are the same tension now. It also gives her a little spending money as she can string for other players. We are saving so much money in just 2 weeks on stringing.

G.P. | Atlanta, GA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine - Klipper USA
Klippermate Stringing Machine
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