Ribbed Black Racquet Grip - Klipper USA
Ribbed Racquet Grip - Klipper USA
Ribbed Black Racquet Grip - Klipper USA
Ribbed Racquet Grip - Klipper USA

Ribbed Racquet Grip

Regular price $5.99

Color: Black
Type: Replacement
Packaging: Single Pack
  • Contoured stitched rib
  • Positive racquet control
  • Perforations absorb moisture
  • Long length fits all racquets
Brand Name Comparison:
  • Gamma Hi-Tech Contour
  • Prince DuraRib+
  • Wilson Contour

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pam Mc
Quality grip tape

Very happy with the ribbed racquet grip! Great feel and good cushion!

Teruo Komaki
Sr tennis player

I have used these grips for 8 years. They last for years. Love them!

Gregory Wolfe
Great Grip

I don't like the overgrips, so this grip is great for me. Easy to put on (less than 5 minutes). The material has just the right amount of tackiness to it, and the ribs really help you feel like you have control of the racquet. I typically regrip 2 - 3 times a year. I've been using this grip for 10 -15 years with no complaints. Also, the price is 40% less than the best price I've seen on Amazon for a similar grip. Buyers hint: buy 4 - 6 at a time to amortize the shipping cost. Then you'll always have one when you need it.

David Reiman
Very good tennis grip

I have used Gamma tennis grip with the raised rib for a few years. Very good grip. I just ordered the Klipper grip and put it on a racquet and it feels as good as the Gamma grip. I'll see how it holds up and send in a 2nd review.

Louis Csencsits
Positive Ribbed Black Racquet Grip

I've used these grips for more years than I can remember. They are cushioned and provide a good feeling in my hand. Easy to wrap and cost effective!