Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is the machine? Our drop weight tensioning system is accurate to plus or minus one pound and will never need calibrating. Some brands of stringers use the spring or cranking system to pull tension. Springs tend to stretch over time making them go out of calibration.

2. What device is used to hold the string while it's being tensioned? The Cam String Gripper on the Klippermate is easy to load and does not damage or cause slippage on the string. Some competitors use the ratchet system to pull tension. This requires the string be held in place by wrapping it around a drum. You need extra lengths of string to do this wrapping and eventually the drum begins to slip.

3. How long is the guarantee and what does it cover? The Klippermate comes with a lifetime guarantee that covers the entire machine and all of the tools. Most other stringers carry a five year limited guarantee on the machine and only a one year guarantee on the tools. Some companies will not give a guarantee at all on the clamps or tools.

4. Are the clamps that hold the strings made out of plastic or steel? With the Klippermate you will receive clamps that are made out of steel. Our lifetime guarantee assures you that these metal clamps will never wear out. They will also never damage the string or slip as long as you keep them clean by following the simple instructions. Our clamps are adjustable for all string gauges. Plastic, synthetic or injected molded clamps over a period of time will not offer the strength to properly hold the string after tensioning. Most machines can do a good job of pulling tension but the tension is only as good as the clamps that hold afterwards. Our competitors clamps are guaranteed for a year or less and will need to be replaced on a regular basis as they wear out and slip.

5. How complete are the instructions that come with the machine? Two booklets of information are provided with the Klippermate. The first booklet is our easy to follow stringing manual that has both written and illustrated instructions to teach you how to string step by step. The second booklet of stringing patterns has over 950 tennis and racquetball racquet patterns for easy reference. Included is our free unlimited 800 phone support for any help which you may need. No other company has come close to matching the complete instructions that you receive from us. Other companies will provide you with a simple manual giving only basic information. Some of them will enclose a video for setting up the machine with no instructions on how to string.

6. Are you talking to the factory where the machine is made or to a salesperson who sells an imported machine? We have been manufacturing stringing machines for 30 years since 1967. All machines are built here at our factory in Elgin, Illinois. Our high standard of quality control allows us to protect you with the lifetime guarantee. Calling us puts you in direct contact with the factory for all the answers to your questions. All of our competitors go overseas to have their machines made. Their quality and features do not match our stringing machines and that is reflected in their guarantee. Keep in mind the difference in service that you receive when dealing with only a salesperson instead of a factory technician.

7. Does the company have the confidence in their low price machine or do they try to talk you up to a higher price model? The Klippermate is always the machine we recommend to anyone stringing just a few racquets per day. There is no difference in quality or accuracy when you move up to a higher price model in our line. If you are stringing more than six racquets a day you can save a slight amount of time by purchasing a larger machine. This saving only amounts to 5 or 10 minutes per racquet. Since the Klippermate can string a racquet in 30 minutes, most people have no need to spend more money. A common practice for our competition is to talk you up to a higher price model. By pointing out 4 or 6 point mounting systems or other features they recommend purchasing a different model than the one they advertise at the low price. We find that they do not have a lot of confidence in their inexpensive machines because of their poor quality. Don't be fooled into spending more money than you have to for a good quality stringing machine!

The quality and accuracy of the string job on the Klippermate is identical to the most expensive stringing machine. There is no difference in the finished product only a slight savings of time when stringing on a higher priced machine.

We estimate that 90% of the people who purchase the Klippermate have never strung a racquet before. Our easy to follow instructions are designed for the first time stringer. In your owner's manual we take you step by step from start to finish with both written and illustrated instructions.

With the purchase of our stringing machine you receive free unlimited phone support. Factory technicians and certified stringers are ready to assist you in any way we can. This technical phone support is available to you for as long as you own your Klippermate.

Once you learn how to string your first racquet you will then be able to string any racquet on the market. However, from brand to brand there are slight differences in how they are strung. Even in the same brand of racquets you will find differences from model to model. This is why we provide you with our Klipper Stringing Guide. This guide lists over 950 different stringing patterns for tennis and racquetball racquets. This guide makes it very easy to string any racquet by putting all these specifications in one booklet. Our website also lists these patterns and will be updated with new racquets when they become available.

Since the quality of stringing is exactly the same on all of our machines, we suggest moving up only if your volume exceeds 6 racquets a day or more. In our line of stringers you will only save time by purchasing a more expensive machine. About 5 minutes of stringing time is saved when you move up to the next higher priced machine. Some of our competition will talk you up, we will not.

The average stringing time on the Klippermate is thirty minutes. The first few racquets will be slower but after approximately six racquets most people will be in the thirty minute range.

The tension rating for the Klippermate is plus or minus one pound. This is the tennis industry standard and no machine at any price will string more accurately. The "drop" or "counter" weight tensioning system that we utilize has been around for approximately 100 years. The Klippermate never needs calibrating and will hold its accuracy for the life of the machine.

The turntable of the Klippermate is made out of solid steel. We guarantee you will never damage, crack or distort a racquet on the machine as long as you follow the proper mounting procedure. This strong 2 point system will protect any racquet no matter what tension its being strung at. The Klippermate's turntable allows the natural flexing that a racquet must go through as its being strung. Past research has shown that some 4 or 6 point mounting systems could damage the racquet internally by holding the racquet too rigid.

Our guarantee protects you for a lifetime from any defect in parts and workmanship on the entire machine. This guarantee also includes the clamps and stringing tools that come with the Klippermate.

Our machine will string all tennis, racquetball and squash racquets that are on the market today. With the optional badminton package it will string all badminton racquets as well. All long body and wide body tennis racquets fit on the machine without the need of any special adaptors.

No, the Klippermate will not slide around or tip over. Use it anywhere on any flat surface. String on a coffee table in your family room while watching T.V. String court-side or on the bleachers. Use the optional carrying case and take it with you as you travel. String on your Klippermate in your hotel room as many touring players do.

The Klippermate is fully assembled and comes with everything you need to string a racquet. Just take it out of the box and you're ready to string.