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Power-Burst Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Silver
Gauge: 16L / 1.25mm
Resiliency: R-5.5
Durability: D-8.5

General Info:
The most popular type of string on the tour increases power, pace and spin without loss of control.  Use as the main string in a hybrid for longer string life.

Allows a player to take full strokes at the ball without loss of control. Does not move so strings stay straight and last longer. As an alternative to stringing the entire racquet with Power-Burst, reduce the stiffness of the string bed without sacrificing power by hybriding the mains with Power-Burst and the crosses with 17 gauge Zyex, Titanium Elite or Syn. Gut Ultra-Fibre. Visit our Ultimate Hybrid page for our pre-packaged hybrid of Power-Burst / Zyex 17.

Player Type:
Competitive, hard-hitting, topspin player who needs performance and durability.

Heat-treated premium polyester and co-polymer monofilament. The same type of string as Big Banger ALU Power.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power
  • Prince Beast XP

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ruth Moradi
Just what I wanted

Just what I said: just what I wanted

My Second Favorite String To Synthetic Gut

I've been playing with this string for a couple weeks, it seemed a little easier to string my racket with this string versus with the Super-Poly 17 string, with the Super-Poly 17 string if I didn't hit the ball in the sweet-spot then it would feel like hitting with a flat board if the ball hit outside the sweet-spot, with this Power-Burst 16L string it feels nice no matter where the ball hits on the strings, I like that the string stays put not having to move the strings with my fingers ever, the Synthetic Gut feels more comfortable having better playability and is almost 1/3 the price so because of the price difference I may still stay with the Synthetic Gut [time will tell]; I haven't seen how long this Power-Burst string will last compared to Synthetic Gut, if the Power-Burst 16L gauge lasts me much longer than the Synthetic Gut then I may switch to the Power-Burst string, I do notice my balls landing shorter sometimes when they use to go deep 1 to 3 feet and that is why I bought this string... to see if it would help reduce power so my balls stop going deep 1 to 3 feet because I don't want to have to hit softer or change my grip for more top-spin if I don't have to. I'm wondering if this string could be made in the gold color that Super-Poly 17 is [I like that gold color]; If it can I request that color option; Other colors I'd like to see with this Power-Burst string would be black, white, clear if possible; Right now it's made to look like Luxilon Alu Power being gray like aluminum but maybe the color can be changed, if so I request adding more color options. I strung my Head Radical Oversized racket with this Power-Burst string at 66 pounds and I like that tension; I may actually try 68 pounds because I do like to hit hard and the ball will go just 1 to 3 feet deep sometimes when I do; I don't need powerful string, less power, more control is what I am after; This string does do that compared to many other string. I give it a 4 star instead of 5 only because the Synthetic Gut feels more comfortable and at this time is still my favorite string choice due to its comfort/playability and low price [1/3 the price of Power-Burst 16L]. Over time I may like the Power-Burst string more and more; I need to see how long it lasts and what happens as it gets old; After two weeks it seems to hit consistently well, no noticeable change in tension, still looks new, I play tennis most days for a couple hours. Power-Burst 16L is my second favorite string.to Synthetic Gut.

Jeffrey Wong
Crazy durable

I didn’t keep track of how many hours, but I played these for three months before cutting them out. The next set of 16 gauge polys only lasted 15 hours.
The strings felt great, too

Ramesh Konitineni

Power-Burst Racquet String

Peter Bagg
So far so good

So far so good

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