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Power-Burst Racquet String

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Color: Silver
Gauge: 16L / 1.25mm
Resiliency: R-5.5
Durability: D-8.5
General Info:
This type of synthetic is the hottest new string being used by 70% of ATP touring pros and 50% of WTA touring pros. Experience the burst of power and added control that these pros get by playing this type of string.
Heat-treated premium polyester and co-polymer monofilament. The same type of string as Big Banger ALU Power.
Allows a player to take full strokes at the ball without loss of control. Does not move so strings stay straight and last longer. As an alternative to stringing the entire racquet with Power-Burst, reduce the stiffness of the string bed without sacrificing power by hybriding the mains with Power-Burst and the crosses with 17 gauge Zyex, Titanium Elite or Syn. Gut Ultra-Fibre. Visit our Ultimate Hybrid page for our pre-packaged hybrid of Power-Burst / Zyex 17.
Player Type:
Competitive, hard-hitting, topspin player who needs performance and durability.
Brand Name Comparison:
  • Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power
  • Prince Beast XP

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Great string

Durable, great for control and power. Highly recommend