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Soft Co-Poly Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Silver
Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm
Resiliency: R-8
Durability: D-8

General Info:
Softer version of the most popular type of string on the pro tour.  Delivers the same power, control and spin but with added comfort and feel.

Soft Co-Poly allows you to attack the ball with confidence and is very predictable on big swings. Having the ball lay on the string bed longer offers increased control and increased execution on topspin shots. An advantage of this string is the consistency of comfort, response, and playability over a longer period of time. Very impressive tension maintenance and durability.

Player Type:
Strong intermediate and advanced players looking for a comfortable, control-oriented string.

Heat-treated premium co-polymer monofilament.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Soft

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jit Teo
Fast and Efficient

Reliable and fast shipments always. I love the strings I ordered and have been using it for years!

Thomas Hudson
Thomas Hudson

I've used the Soft Co-Poly in my own racquets and love it. Good feel, imparts consistent spin with good power. String at 10 percent less than regular tension.

Srikanth Vakalapudi
Best string

I was using this string from past 3 yrs and nothing happened to the string and I can really generate very good power and spin with this. Very reliable and the best one I used ever. Thinking of restrining with same one again. Great buy for the price and quality. If you ask me, I highly suggest this string, don't go with other costly strings, when this string is doing same job as all other strings.

Joseph Millam
Good strings

I’m no pro & not spending a fortune on strings. These work great for me!

Denver Robinson

Use this string mixed with several other’s. Personally I really like it with Spin Max. Also last’s forever.