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Klippermate Stringing Machine

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Tired of spending $30+ every time you break a string to get your racquet restrung? With Klippermate, you can restring your own racquets with the same quality and accuracy in just 45 minutes.

  • Free shipping to the continental US.
  • Most accurate stringer made.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited lifetime guarantee on the machine and tools.
  • No assembly required.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions, stringing patterns, and free phone support by our racquet stringing specialists.
  • Steel construction provides strength & stability unlike other brands made of fiberglass or aluminum.
  • Used by more players than any other stringing machine.

The Klippermate utilizes the counterweight tensioning system with a cam string gripper to provide the 20-90 lbs of necessary string tension. Our two-point mounting system guarantees damage-free stringing and supports all size tennis, racquetball, and squash racquets. The Klippermate comes ready-to-use out of the box and includes everything you need to string your first racquet. It works on any flat surface and is accurate within the industry standard of 1 lb.

Over fifty years of experience in manufacturing racquet stringers has led to the development of America's #1 best selling stringing machine. We're proud to be the only company making racquet stringing machines in the USA and the only one to offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

"The perfect machine for beginner [racquet stringers], the Klippermate has great customer service and does a fine string job. Now that's value." - TENNIS Magazine

Inside the box:

  • Klippermate Stringing Machine
  • Owners manual & instructions
  • Stringing tools:
    • Steel-string clamps
    • Stringers pliers
    • Stringers awl
    • Start pin
  • Free string & grip package (you choose either Tennis, Racquetball or Squash)
    • Tennis: Ultimate Hybrid, Soft Co-Poly, Power-Burst Rough, Spin Max 17, Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre 16, & Overgrip
    • Racquetball: Sterling 16, Titanium Elite 16, Racquetball Supreme, Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre 16, Super-Poly 16 & Overgrip
    • Squash: Sterling 17, Pearl-Zone 17, Titanium Elite 17, Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre 18, Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre 17 & Overgrip

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 165 reviews
    Luigi Gigli
    Very happy

    It took some time to string the first racquet, but now i like it very much. I will go on testing different strings! I like it.

    Tuan L.
    Re-string your racquets at home very quick and easy. Save $$$

    It was in the back of my head for a while until my friend mentioned this machine a month ago. I ordered this and it arrived within a week, came with many free strings-- free shipping by the way. Overall, I definitely save big money compared to other sites. It got everything you need to get the job done. It's simple and easy to use, just watch online youtube video if you're doing for first time. I got 3 racquets done since I received the machine. So, from now on I don't have to drive 20-mile round trip to have it done, you can do at home and save money at the same time. thanks Klipper!

    Thitaya Rivera

    Excellent product and the tennis strings that cone with it. As advertised!

    Matt Lewandowski
    Great Beginner Machine

    Started stringing my own racquets as I play 3-4 times a week and was tired of paying the proshop to string 3 racquets. The machine is simple to use. It does take some time to learn how to string racquets but klipper provides all the necessary step by step instructions and tools. My first racquet took me 3 hours to string but after a few more I have it down to 45min per racket. Tension is spot on +-1-2lb overall which I’m ok with. I string polys and have had no issues with tension besides normal tension loss over time. The klipper machine is built to last, simple to use, and an excellent price for an American made stringer.

    Jeff Wong
    Getting faster

    Efficiency develops slowly, if you're only stringing for yourself. I've owned my 'mate just 9 months. It took two hours for each of the first three times and 85 minutes the 4th time. Once the sequence imprints more permanently into my head, I'll get closer to that magic 28 minutes on the Klippermate YouTube video.
    To get better faster, I suggest stringing with a thinner gauge string or thin poly's (more frequent breakage/tension loss), or maybe offering your services to friends for less than the local pro shop charges.
    I love the Spinmax 17 string that comes with.