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Dura 16 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Natural
Gauge: 16 / 1.34mm
Resiliency: R-5.5
Durability: D-6

General Info:
Generate greater power and ball speed with this all-purpose string. Slightly textured to help increase spin. Available in large economy reel for bulk pricing.

An all-purpose power string, slightly textured with good durability.

Player Type:
For the player who prefers the trampoline effect for greater power and softer feel.

Double layer of multi-directional textured filaments around an elastic center core.


Brand Name Comparison:

  • Leoina 66

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ken Vance
Repeat customer

I've been using these strings and the Power-Burst Racquet String in a hybrid for several years now. Have always been happy with their performance.

jeff Mays

I bought the strings to practice stringing my racquets. It is exactly what I expected

rob afuso
Great Strings

The Dura 16 raquet string are very sturdy, keeps the tension and has a really good feel when striking the ball.

Gordon Waite

good Morning KlipperUSA staff
Have not yet strung up a frame with the new dura string.
Will for sure do a full review after stringing and playing with it
Bought these string as they are suppose to be soft and play similar
To Leona 66 which is no longer available
Best Regards
Gordon W
PTR Professional 1982

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