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Blend Lite 18/17 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Gold
Gauge: 18/17 1.10/1.22mm
Resiliency: R-2.5
Durability: D-9
Set Length: 22'/20' 6.7/6.1m

General Info:
A thinner version of our most durable hybrid string adds better bite on the ball for more spin, while still providing durability and control to big hitters.

Outstanding durability and control. Provides a firm feel and maintains tension longer.

Player Type:
For chronic and frequent string breakers.

Multiple layer Kevlar main string. Ultra-fibre cross string with DynaTech fibers around a high tensile mono core.


Brand Name Comparison:

  • Gamma Infinity 18

Customer Reviews

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Fan Kit Tsang

Sorry, I haven't started yet

Allen Cade
Great grip and durability

I began using Blend Lite many years ago and still find it feels best for my game. I initially used it for its longevity in the 110 rackets I used in the past. String breakage was greatly reduced. But now I like the bite it gives my strokes due to its thin gauge and rough texture. I’ve tried newer, softer strings but l always return to Blend Lite for my best game.

Phil May
Great Service - Clients love the strings

Purchased many of these sets over the years. Aside from having to pay postage, the strings are as advertised. I string them for senior players who seem to really enjoy them.

Paul Anderson

Great feel at value price