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Decathlon 15L Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: White
Gauge: 15L / 1.38mm
Resiliency: R-4.5
Durability: D-8

General Info:
This string provides exceptional durability and control for string breakers and hard hitters without the stiffness of Kevlar and polyester.

Good abrasion resistance for added durability with less tension loss.

Player Type:
For one who wants a longer-lasting string without the loss of feel.

Construction :
Woven DynaTech fibers around a high modulus center core.


Brand Name Comparison:

  • Gamma Marathon
  • Prince Endurance

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Adam Anderson
Review on 15 gauge string

The strings are really good they last long and it’s really good for powerhitters

Alan Knapp
decathlon feel

strung my racket in middle lbs, will go 2 lbs lower next time. good feel, just a little harsh at this setting. I use a Head iS12, has 16C, 14M - a very open and spin producing racket