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Soft Kevlar 16 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Ivory
Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm
Resiliency: R-4
Durability: D-8

General Info:
Used as the main string in a hybrid, Soft Kevlar provides a more forgiving feel than regular Kevlar as it provides long string life and maximum durability.

Provides a softer alternative for hybrid stringing while maintaining prolonged string life.  Reduces shock to the arm for those players needing a durable hybrid.

Player Type:
Frequent string breakers who experience arm problems with regular Kevlar and other stiff strings.

Polyurethane outer coating and aramid fiber wraps around a Kevlar center core.

Customer Reviews

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Ken Armstrong
Excellent string

I've been using this string for about a year. I love the feel and durability. I use it for hybrid stringing but really think I want to use it for both crosses and mains. I developed tennis elbow a couple of years ago and the softness of the string does not hurt it. Generally this string will last me a month whereas syntheticut 2 hours.

Firas El-Khatib
Best prices best customer experience

Prices are great, order goes through and gets shipped smoothly with no hiccups. Great service pricing great customer experience.

Robert Headley
Soft Kevlar String Review

I've used Soft Kevlar with Zyex - not good - strings moved too much during play requiring on-court adjustment. Paired with Pearl-Zone, great - no adjustments necessary. More comfortable than poly strings.