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Zyex 16 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis, Racquetball, Squash
Color: Pearl
Gauge: 16 / 1.32mm
Resiliency: R-8.5
Durability: D-7.5

General Info:
The replacement for natural gut, this string provides the ultimate in power and control. Crisp, solid feel enhances topspin with less shock to the arm.

Has the feel and playability similar to natural gut but with the added strength of Zyex fibers.

Player Type:
Competitive tournament players.

A core of Zyex filaments with two layers of composite outer wraps.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Gamma Live Wire XP
  • Wilson NXT Power

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Irwin Horowitz

Zyex Racquet String

Steven Hata
Quality tennis string

Zyvex plays very well. It is a great price.

Dave Miller
Like the strings

I am using these strings on cross together with gut on the main. Still not sure how these strings impact my game. The overall feel is like gut which is required because of my elbow issues.

Thank God for Zyex

Both my and my kids elbow began to hurt after using co-poly solely. We switched to Zyex on the mains and kept the co-poly on the crosses and holy smokes! Extra power with exceptional feel and comfort.

HR - Georgia
String thoughts

I have been using ZYEX for over 10 - 15 years. I've tried other strings, including poly and hybrids, but away come back, here's why. ZYEX is a very comfortable string. It hold tension nicely, it is easy on the arm, and lasts for me at least 20 matches. Then I restring with my klipper stringer that I have have for 30+ years.
I would recommend that if you are 60 or older you should give it a try.

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