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Zyex 17 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis, Racquetball, Squash
Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm
Resiliency: R-9
Durability: D-7

General Info:
The replacement for natural gut, this string provides the ultimate in power and control.  Crisp, solid feel enhances topspin with less shock to the arm. This 17 gauge version offers slightly more feel and bite compared to the 16 gauge version.

Feel and playability similar to natural gut but with the added strength of Zyex fibers. Digs deep into the nap of the ball for added bite.

Player Type:
Competitive tournament players.

A core of Zyex filaments with two layers of composite outer wraps.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Gamma Live Wire XP
  • Wilson NXT Power


Customer Reviews

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Rob LaRubbio

A very nice string

HR - Georgia
My favorite

I've been using zyex strings from Klipper for 30 some years. Every time I try another I always come back to these.
I use a Wilson blade strung at 54 lbs. Since I'm now a senior player I use 17 gauge. I play 5 x per week and the strings last a month.
Very comfortable, no arm problems.
They are worth a try if your looking for a change.

Donald Dreher

Zyex 17 Racquet String

Vince D
Good strings, amazing customer service.

After a less than ideal experience with Klipper’s multifilament strings, Dave took the time to email me about my experience and make recommendations. Following what Dave recommended I tried Klipper’s Zyex strings. As recommended on the package, I strung at 10% lower then I normally do on my Wilson Clash Pro V2 (going from 54 lbs. to 48.6 lbs.).

Stringing was very easy, I do my own. The strings felt good on the arm and played much like multifilament do. Likely because of the lower tension, my launch angle was much higher and as such the ball was hitting deeper in the court. I was able to generate good power with more spin than I normally do with multis.

Generally I get 8+ hours from a set of multis. Unfortunately these lasted only 6.5 hours. Overall, I think these are good strings and the the use of string savers is a must. If I were to use them again, I’d probably go a little higher on the tension and use string savers.

Regardless of how the strings are, Klipper is an excellent company that provides top notch customer service.

All in all good strings, but probably not the right ones for me and my game.

Dave A

I used Zyex 17 in the crosses with Spin Max 17 in the mains to compare against all Spin Max. Both racquets were strung at 60/60. The hybrid racquet didn't have as much pop. But it did have a more controlled feel and a good bite on the ball. Volleys and touch shots seemed easier to put away and boosted my confidence.

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