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Klippermate Stringing Machine

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Tired of spending $20+ every time you break a string to get your racquet restrung? With Klippermate, you can restring your own racquets with the same quality and accuracy in just 30 minutes.

  • Free shipping to the continental US.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited lifetime guarantee on the machine and tools.
  • No assembly required.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions, stringing patterns, and toll-free phone support by our racquet stringing specialists.

The Klippermate utilizes the counterweight tensioning system with a cam string gripper to provide the 20-90 lbs of necessary string tension. Our two-point mounting system guarantees damage-free stringing and supports all size tennis, racquetball, and squash racquets. The Klippermate comes ready-to-use out of the box and includes everything you need to string your first racquet. It works on any flat surface and is accurate within the industry standard of 1 lb.

Over fifty years of experience in manufacturing racquet stringers has led to the development of America's #1 best selling stringing machine. We're proud to be the only company making racquet stringing machines in the USA and the only one to offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

"The perfect machine for beginner [racquet stringers], the Klippermate has great customer service and does a fine string job. Now that's value." - TENNIS Magazine

Inside the box:

  • Klippermate Stringing Machine
  • Owners manual & instructions
  • Stringing tools:
    • Steel-string clamps
    • Stringers pliers
    • Stringers awl
    • Start pin
  • Free string & grip package (Ultimate Hybrid, Soft Co-Poly, Power-Burst Rough, Spin Max, Synthetic Gut Ultra-Fibre, & Overgrips)

Customer Reviews

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high-quality and easy-to-use

I purchased the Klippermate racket stringing machine based on all the positive reviews here, and I've been very pleased. This is my first racket stringing machine (our teenage tennis player started to go through so many strings it was becoming expensive and a pain to have the rackets restrung at our local tennis store), and I've had a great experience with it over the past five months. The product is well-made and easy-to-use, especially with the clear racket-stringing instructions provided by the manufacturer. The first few rackets I strung took me over two hours, but now I'm down to just over an hour, and I find the process of stringing a racket satisfying and enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Solid and accurate

The string holder was made of solid metal and works great.

string your own rackets at home

bought this for our son who plays a lot of tennis. He says it's easy to use and does as good a job as the sporting good stores he used to get his rackets strung at

Klippermate is a Quality stringer!

Klipper Team,
Just wanted to reach out and drop you a note regarding my total satisfaction with the stringer that I purchased in March 1996. I have strung my rackets, friends, family and now my HS/tourney sons.
I estimate 150-200 rackets of all makes/models in these 22 years!

Great product!

Ray Fouts
Chagrin Falls, OH

Great old stringer that rates and performs well

Still a great stringer after 30 years. The only thing that has changed in the stringing world seems to be new stinging materials like co-poly. Very stiff strings that this stringer handles well.