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Synthetic Gut 18 Ultra-Fibre Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis, Squash
Color: White
Gauge: 18 / 1.15mm
Resiliency: R-8
Durability: D-3.5

General Info:
Our most popular synthetic gut for its playability, durability, range of gauges and cost. Ultra-Fibre increases durability up to 30% over regular synthetic gut of same gauge.

Our thinnest Ultra-Fibre string offers the greatest bite on the ball with increased response.

Player Type:
Players who want maximum topspin and do not mind shorter string life.

Multi-filament DynaTech Ultra-Fibres around a center core under DuPont wraps and DuraCoat outer coating.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex
  • Wilson Syn. Gut Power

Customer Reviews

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Mark Riccitello

Synthetic Gut 18 Ultra-Fibre Racquet String

Robert Mckinnon
18 gage synthetic guy

I use these strings for crosses with polyester mains.
I have used the 18 for mains and crosses, I break them after two sets, but they are very durable as cross strings. A racket set up with 17 gage poly making and 18 gage synthetic takes a good bite of a tennis ball.

Fernando De Alba
Syn Gut 18

Very good and comfort string reminds me a lot to the Head Synt Gut PPS :)

Romeo Bartolome
Tennis Access

Great products & efficient service

Alan Knapp
good soft , used it when I hurt my wrist

wanted good performance, soft feel