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Racquet String Tubing

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String Tubing is a quick fix used to protect the string within chipped, cracked or broken grommets or bumpers instead of a complete grommet/bumper replacement. The tubing is small enough to fit inside the grommet or bumper hole but large enough to allow the string to pass through. To properly use, make sure to cut the tubing long enough to fit inside the broken hole and around the corner into the adjacent hole. Going into the adjacent hole is what will hold the tubing securely in place.

Available in a 5-foot roll. Made of Teflon material.

Customer Reviews

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Danilo Roque
Quality Product

Quality product from Klipper

Glenn Deruchie
Tennis accesories

Good service and quality

Craig Fleury
Strings & stringing accessories

Shipped and delivered very fast. Great service.

Tim Vitalis
spare parts

Ordered spare parts to replace broken awl tip and racquet clamps and leather strips. All arrived and I was able to bring my machine back to working order

Mike Kinkin
Just what the grommet needed

When you can’t get new grommets, use string tubing from Klipper! You can’t go wrong...