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Kevlar 18 Racquet String

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Color: Gold
Gauge: 18 / 1.10mm
Resiliency: R-1.5
Durability: D-9

General Info:
Used as the main string in a hybrid, Kevlar continues to be the benchmark for providing the longest string life and maximum durability of any string on the market.

Provides the greatest amount of control, the firmest string bed and the longest life of any 18 gauge string. Compared to the 16 gauge version, this thinner gauge offers more feel and bite for more spin action. Even though it’s most popular as the main string in a hybrid, it can also be used for the entire racquet because of its thinner gauge.

Player Type:
For the chronic string breaker.

Multiple Layer Kevlar fibers enhanced with Super Bond polymers.

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Miranda
Kevlar 18 durability’s

I use too much top spin in my game so I break strings very frequently. I used this one as main string and the Spin Max for the crosses. The Description says that it is for the chronic breaker, however I broke it at the end of my second match. I was expecting something more durable than this. Maybe I should have gotten the Kevlar 16 1.30 mm width instead

Tom Gray
Strong string

String breakers answer. Only have few customers who use it but they love it. On elite player has switched to it for the power it generates.

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