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Kevlar 16 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: Gold
Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm
Resiliency: R-1
Durability: D-10

General Info:
Used as the main string in a hybrid, Kevlar continues to be the benchmark for providing the longest string life and maximum durability of any string on the market.

Provides the greatest amount of control and the firmest string bed of any available string. Holds tension for the longest period of time.  Please note due to these characteristics, Kevlar should only be used as the main string in a hybrid.

Player Type:
For the chronic string breaker.

Multiple layer Kevlar fibers enhanced with Super Bond polymers.

Customer Reviews

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David A. Witzel
Not useful for my experiment

Trying to invent a quiet pickleball racquet for use outdoors to end outdoor courts closing due to noise complaints from neighbors.
My 4th try, using this stiff string for the first time after corresponding with Dave on your staff.
I strung the racquet at 65 lbs. but found that it was still too powerful and bouncy making it very difficult to keep from hitting the pickleball out of the court.
A great string for quietness and spin control, but still not able to adapt it to what I was trying to achieve. I will give up on this experiment after spending over a month of trying, as well as spending $$ in numerous different strings as well as your Klipper Stringing Machine which I found was great, inexpensive, and easy to use.
Hope this helps.
Dr. David Witzel Denver, Colorado

Kevlar 16 Racquet String

The Kevlar 16 for the racquet mains and crosses both at 80lb strung with the Klipper machine, delivers great power and control after adjusting somewhat my skills. A great and soft string.

Great string

I used to string 3 racquets a week this stuff last 3 months of heavy topspin professional play ! Just drop the tension 5 pounds! I love it

German Orjuela
Tennis strings

Thank you

Brendan McFarlan
Incredibly comfortable, reliable, and long lasting.

If you haven’t tried Kevlar since the 90s, try again. This is great string, holds tension perfectly, and lasts.

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