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Synthetic Gut 15L Ultra-Fibre Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis
Color: White
Gauge: 15L / 1.38mm
Resiliency: R-6
Durability: D-7

General Info:
Our most popular synthetic gut for its playability, durability, range of gauges and cost. Ultra-Fibre increases durability up to 30% over regular synthetic gut.

Ultra-Fibre in this slightly thicker gauge extends string life.

Player Type:
Hard hitters who need added durability.

Multi-filament DynaTech Ultra-Fibres around a center core under DuPont wraps and DuraCoat outer coating.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex
  • Wilson Syn. Gut Power

Customer Reviews

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My Favorite String

After trying many strings here at Klipper USA the 15L and 16 gauge Synthetic Strings are my favorite because it's so comfortable to play with. Here are all the strings I have tried so far: Power-Burst 16L gauge, Super-Poly 17 gauge, Decathalon 15L gauge, Tech Spin 16L gauge, Pearl-Zone 16 gauge, Zyex 16 gauge, Graphite 16 gauge.

All tennis rackets have a minimum and maximum tension you can string your tennis racket with. If you hit hard and your balls go out often then string at the highest tension. If you do not hit hard and need more power so your balls go further then use a lower tension.

Suzi Krizan

The string is fine except I have a racket with the largest head available and need 44 rather than 40 feet of string for it.

Barry Herscovitch
Product as described

Great service and good products

Alan Knapp
put into granddaughters racket to last longer

resists topspin breakage, still performs well