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Pearl-Zone 17 Racquet String

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Sport: Tennis, Racquetball, Squash
Color: Pearl
Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm
Resiliency: R-9.5
Durability: D-3.5

General Info:
Soft and forgiving multi-filament string providing power and exceptional feel.  Vibration dampening construction makes this a great alternative to natural gut. This 17 gauge version offers slightly more feel and bite compared to the 16 gauge version.

A very soft and forgiving string providing power and exceptional resiliency.

Player Type:
For the player who wants a lively string bed with the very minimum in shock.

Micro-filament fibers bonded with polymers and treated with a pearlized resin coating.

Brand Name Comparison:

  • Prince Syn. Gut Multi
  • Wilson Sensation

Customer Reviews

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Ray LeBlanc
Pearl Zone Racquetball String

A great string that holds its tension exceptionally well, no fraying and soft on the arm. It's a very playable string that's great for both the power player and finesse shooter. I'll continue to use this and recommend it to other players.

Alan Knapp
consistent performer

Works best when used in a dense string bed (18x20), otherwise durability is an issue. Also, using it with a poly as a hybrid string job does not gets sawed through when using lots of topspin

Peter santelli
Pearl zone string

I string a few rackets for friends and guys I play tennis with. I use Pearl zone for the better players. They have been very satisfied with it.

paul mireles

Nice strings

stephen true
Pearl zone

good soft string. good feel, easy on the arm...