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Asics Tennis
Babolat Tennis
Black Knight Badminton
Black Knight Squash
Carlton Badminton
Donnay Tennis
Dunlop Squash
Dunlop Tennis
E-Force Racquetball
Ektelon Racquetball
Fischer Tennis
Gamma Tennis
Gearbox Racquetball
Head Racquetball
Head Squash
Head Tennis
Prince Badminton
Prince Squash
Prince Tennis
Pro Kennex Racquetball
Pro Kennex Tennis
Slazenger Tennis
Spalding Racquetball
Spalding Tennis
Tecnifibre Squash
Tecnifibre Tennis
Transition Racquetball
Volkl Tennis
Weed Tennis
Wilson Badminton
Wilson Racquetball
Wilson Squash
Wilson Tennis
Yonex Badminton
Yonex Tennis

If you are interested in having a more complete list of stringing instructions for all brands, we recommend that you consider joining the US Racquet Stringers Association. They publish the Stringer's Digest, known as the "bible" for racquet stringers and also make stringing instructions for over 9,000 frames available on their website. In addition to the most complete list of stringing instructions anywhere, they also offer their members:

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS - Books, CD's, Videos, and Private Lessons to help anyone be able to service equipment like a professional
CONSULTATION - Free technical assistance from Master Racquet Technicians by phone or email
RACQUETTECH.COM - a website with tools and articles to help you become a better stringer and/or make more money
DISCOUNTS AND FREE SAMPLES - Free sample products and exclusive discount offers from more than a dozen leading manufacturers and suppliers
A SUBSCRIPTION TO RACQUET SPORTS INDUSTRY MAGAZINE - filled with the latest stringing news and industry information you won't find anywhere else
MARKETING TOOLS - Membership certificates, Window Decals, Membership Cards, Racquet Labels, and Racquet Claim Checks to show customers your commitment to excellence
PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION - Become a Master Racquet Technician (MRT) or Certified Stringer, these programs are recognized industry-wide and are backed by some of the biggest names in the game
GROMMETS NETWORK - puts you in touch with thousands of other USRSA members, many of whom have hard-to-find bumperguards and grommet kits to sell
RACQUETS NETWORK - puts you in touch with thousands of other USRSA members, many of whom have hard-to-find racquets to sell
SUBSCRIPTION TO BOB LARSON'S DAILY TENNIS NEWS - Daily email newsletters which include the latest happenings, news, and classified ads relating to the tennis world, along with news about the men's and women's pro tours

For more information about membership in the US Racquet Stringers Association, visit their website @ www.RacquetTECH.com.