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Racquet Stringer

Klippermate® Racquet Stringer
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  • Free shipping on Klippermate when $85.00 of string, grips, accessories and/or gift certificate (not carrying case or machine stand) is added to the order. Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico receive a credit equal to the shipping cost within the continental USA.
  • Most accurate stringer made
  • Provides the same quality as machines costing hundreds more
  • Use on any flat surface without clamping or bolting down
  • The only stringing machine made in the U.S.A.
  • Unlimited lifetime guarantee on machine and tools
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • No assembly required. Includes complete tool kit with lifetime guaranteed steel string clamps, stringers pliers, stringers awl, and start pin.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions, stringing patterns and toll-free phone support by our racquet specialists
  • Tension range 20 - 90 lbs
  • Capable of stringing any tennis, racquetball and squash racquet. (Additional parts available for badminton. Or,if you plan to string only badminton, consider our Badminton Stringer.)
  • Free Tennis string and grip package includes a set of Ultimate Hybrid, Soft Co-Poly, Power-Burst Rough and Spin Max, the hottest types of string being used on the professional tour. A set of our best selling Synthetic Gut with Ultra-Fibre and one of our tacky, long lasting overgrips are also included. If you prefer, you will have the option to substitute a Racquetball or Squash string package during the order process.
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Read testimonials from our satisfied customers.
Carrying Case Carrying Case  (optional) Buy Now
$99.00 with machine purchase (reg. price $110.00)
Machine Stand Machine Stand  (optional) Buy Now
$117.00 with machine purchase (reg. price $130.00)

Here at Klipper USA, over forty years experience in the manufacturing of racquet stringers has led to the development of the best selling stringing machines in America. We're proud to be the only company making racquet stringing machines in the USA and the only one to offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

The Klippermate® utilizes the counterweight tensioning system with a cam string gripper. This system is accurate within the industry standard of plus or minus one pound and results in an average stringing time of only thirty minutes. Our two point mounting system guarantees damage free stringing and supports all size racquets. These machines can be used anywhere and do not need to be clamped or bolted down. An optional carrying case and/or machine stand is available.

As TENNIS Magazine stated when it featured the Klippermate® in its Well Equipped Player section, "stringing your own racquets can save you as much as $20.00 each time you need to restring your racquet." If you will be stringing less than six racquets per day, the Klippermate® is your best value. We have other models which string faster, but the quality of the string job is exactly the same on all models. In addition, our policy of always having the lowest advertised price on strings, grips and accessories guarantees you the best savings available.

After comparing all the facts and reading the review and testimonials, we believe you will see why the Klippermate® is America's #1 selling racquet stringer. Thank you for your interest and please contact us if you have any questions.

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